Del's BEARHAWK Project

Designed by Bob Barrows, the Bearhawk is a 4 seat aircraft, plans-built using proven construction methods. There is excellent support available to builders via Barrows' "Bear Tracks" newsletter, and there is also an active e-mail list dedicated to the Bearhawk and builders thereof; it is now hosted by Yahoo at:
Bob Barrows and the Bearhawk
Project Status- October, 2006:
On hold again, because I want to restore my MGA more than I want to work on the Bearhawk for now. Was working toward the point where I can assemble the wings. So far I have accomplished: All aluminum wing parts except for the skins and main spars are finished, primed, and ready to assemble; most of the wing steel hardware is completed. Rudder/brake and control stick assemblies completed. Auxiliary and main fuel tanks welded and leak tested. Was working on main spars, flaps, and ailerons when I stopped.

Project Pictures! (updated 3/08/05)

The Unofficial Bearhawk FAQ (frequently asked questions) is a website that I have created in order to distill some of the more useful information from the list and other sources into one site for new and prospective Bearhawk builders. Please stop by and let me know what you think of it.
By request, side view of my proposed color scheme.
Top view. I've incorporated elements from several different schemes that I like, but keep in mind this is subject to change up until the point where I actually mix the paint.

Some tools I have used.

Russ Erb's Bearhawk. Russ is the "Guardian of the Bearhawk Grail." Be sure to check out his downloadable Bearhawk drawings, and if you are considering building a Bearhawk you should purchase his Bearhawk Reference CD.

"Knightflyer's" Landing Strip.

Johnson Family Bearhawk (023). Bill Johnson's picture page of his Bearhawk construction process. His welding sets a high standard for the rest of us to strive towards.

Benton Holzwarth's Bearhawk Information contains a useful archive of all the email list messages since the move to e-groups, and pictures of his own Bearhawk under construction.

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