Airframe Materials Suppliers:

Avery Tools--
One of the best places to buy aircraft sheet metal tools. Great quality, good prices!
Aircraft aluminum specialists. They can supply you a 48" wide roll of aluminum in ANY length you could possibly need. This is where I have been getting most of my materials so far.
A&E was all set up to provide preformed ribs, spars, and other parts for the Bearhawk, but unfortunately I've heard they have discontinued them.
Makers of the poly-fiber covering system, and many other useful coating products.
Supposedly has better pricing and service than Aircraft Spruce.
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty--
Their catalog lists just about any item you could possibly need to build an airplane.
Cleaveland Tools--
Another place to get tools.

Engine Suppliers and Information:

New Aviation--
Importer of the American designed, PZL-Franklin aero engines manufactured in Poland.
Importer of the Walter-LOM inline engines produced in the Czech Republic.
Zoche Aero-Diesel--
A very interesting radial, 2 stroke diesel from Europe.
Dyna-Cam Engines--
The revolutionary Dyna-Cam engine should make an excellent Bearhawk powerplant. Supposedly it is in production now.
Developing a V-4, 200HP, direct drive, aircraft diesel.
Northwest Aero Products--
NAP makes PSRU's and complete powerplants based on V-6 and V-8 auto engines.
Textron Lycoming--
American made, certified aircraft powerplants at obscene prices.
Teledyne Continental--

General Homebuilt Aviation Links:

Sea and Sky Aviation--
Ron Wanttaja's extremely useful list of homebuilt aircraft information online.
Homebuilt Homepage--
The Homebuilt Homepage is a good place to start if you need information on a particular homebuilt.
EAA Chapter 1000--
Chapter 1000 (Edwards AFB) has a great website with a lot of useful technical information. Plus, the webmaster is a Bearhawk builder!
Experimental Aircraft Association--
The EAA is dedicated to, among other things, the promotion of homebuilding and experimental aviation.
Advisory Circulars--
AC's relevant to experimentals and ultralights.
Replica Fighters Association--
A group committed to the preservation of aviation history through low-cost, reduced-size flying replicas. I really want to build a Focke-Wulf FW-190D, but it would be pretty useless in Alaska. Unless you get your kicks shooting down Super Cubs.

Flying in Alaska:

FAA Alaskan Region--
Lots of useful information on flying in Alaska and FAA resources.
Experimental Aircraft Association--
Farthest North Chapter 1129 Fairbanks, Alaska
Short Wing Piper Club--
When one thinks of flying in Alaska, one does not think of short wing Pipers. Thus they have relaxed the membership requirements; members "are required to acknowledge that SWPs do exist."
Merrill Field--
One of Alaska's first "real" airports.
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum--
Located at the Lake Hood seaplane base.
Alaska Airport System--
Maintained by the state DOT, this site contains regulatory updates.
Flight Tips--
More information for flying in the Cordova Area, and elsewhere in the state.

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